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Monthly Archives: January 2016

Are Homeopathic Remedies Always All Natural and the Best Medicine

Are homeopathic remedies always the best quality and medical solutions for treatments of ailments? I see this buzz word “homeopathic medicine” on many supplements and herbal products touting their effectiveness. I was curious about just how effective and how pure homeopathic remedies that you can buy over the internet were. It seems that homeopathic medicines encompass a wide range of […]

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Rheumatic Pain, How topical creams relieve pain

One out of every three Americans today suffer from chronic pain, such as joint arthritis or of similar symptoms, which causes many to live their lives based upon the level of pain that they can endure. This is because of our lifestyle irregularities and stressful jobs. Most often than not, ignoring the pain makes things worse and begins delivering more […]

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Doctor Matt Spaulding Body Building for His Brother

Dr. Matt Spaulding entered his first bodybuilding competition in late October and won his division — a feat he credits in part to SoonerRelief® (, the pain relief gel that’s proving the power of medicinal herbs. Now Dr. Spaulding regularly recommends Sooner Relief to patients in his chiropractic practice. Dr. Spaulding spent nearly a year building muscle and shedding body […]

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How Bobby Cleveland Found Pain Relief

Being in sales and marketing for the past 40 years I have found that the consumers who suffer with pain in their joints will try almost anything once. To be successful you must have a product that the consumer will purchase over and over. In 1995 I found the Rayma Bracelet. The Rayma Bracelet from Spain was a huge success […]

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What is Chamomile

Matricaria Chamomilla (German Chamomile) This popular herb has been widely used in Western culture, Its medicinal usage can be dated back to well over four thousand years, with notables as Hippocrates, Galen, and Asclepius writing about chamomile benefits. Chamomile is a common ingrediate in herbal teas and is part of the propriatary blend in Sooner Relief. The daisy looking flower […]

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