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How Bobby Cleveland Found Pain Relief

Being in sales and marketing for the past 40 years I have found that the consumers who suffer with pain in their joints will try almost anything once. To be successful you must have a product that the consumer will purchase over and over. In 1995 I found the Rayma Bracelet. The Rayma Bracelet from Spain was a huge success based on its many pain-relief issues. I found after traveling to trade shows all over the country that millions of people suffer from joint pain and are looking for non-prescription ways to feel better. People are concerned about potential gastrointestinal and cardiovascular risks with the use of all the arthritis pills prescribed or over the counter.

I have traveled from Norman, Oklahoma to China trying to find something that will help reduce pain and swelling of the joints. Finally I met an MD and Rheumatologist that specialized in pain relief.

The doctor told me about a rub he has developed after eight long years of research. The rub produced in the USA by an FDA-approved lab in Dallas, Texas. The rub gives a temporary relief of pain in your joints or even your muscles. It is strong medicine formulated for hurting joints and also helpful for tendinitis/bursitis. I tried it on my hand where arthritis has set in making it difficult for me to even do simple tasks like opening a jar. Things that I once took for granted were now difficult tasks for me to perform. I spread the cream over my hand and within minutes my pain was gone. Not only was the pain gone I could use my hand to do everyday tasks that had become troublesome for me.

I then realized this is the item I have been looking for the past eight years. I bought the formula and the marketing rights and we call it AMR-7 (Arthritis Muscle Relief) “The Stuff that Works!”

The rub has several remarkable herbs in which one ingredient is Arnica. Arnica contributes to the physical properties of the rub. The German Commission E approved the topical use of Arnica for sprains, contusions, rheumatic pains of muscles and joints. It also has MSM, Aloe Vera Gel and Menthol along with several other herbal medicines.

The rub can give a 60-year-old the flexibility he had when he was 30. Using the rub on your painful joints can give a senior the ability to exercise again. When you have pain in your joints you stop doing a lot of the things that you have done for years, like playing the piano, walking, tennis, golf or lifting weights.

All you do initially is apply two coats of the rub in the morning, 5 to 10 minutes apart. Repeat these applications in the evening or you could instead do it before and after work or sports, or before and after whatever activity causes pain. Most feel the difference within 5 minutes after applying the rub.


Representative Bobby Cleveland <br>State of Oklahoma House of Representatives and President of  RRB Cleveland, LLC

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