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Rheumatic Pain, How topical creams relieve pain

One out of every three Americans today suffer from chronic pain, such as joint arthritis or of similar symptoms, which causes many to live their lives based upon the level of pain that they can endure. This is because of our lifestyle irregularities and stressful jobs. Most often than not, ignoring the pain makes things worse and begins delivering more and more pain in the long run. These pains are often called “Rheumatism” refers to aches and pains of muscles, joints, and fibrous tissues. This is commonly seen in people who are aging. The most common type of rheumatism is rheumatoid arthritis or osteoarthritis.

Old-Lady-Hand-PainRheumatoid arthritis or commonly known as RA is defined as a chronic disease of unidentified cause or origin. It is usually distinguished by chronic inflammatory synovitis involving peripheral joint pains. This can lead to damage of our body’s articular cartilage and breakdown of the affected bones and changes in the positioning of bones. Rheumatic arthritis also affects the tissues around the joint and different parts of our body. This disease is commonly seen in women than men. It can affect people at any age but research and studies shows that its usual point is at around forty years of age. But remember that it can strike at anyone and of all races. RA happens when our body’s immune system mistakenly interprets some of bodily character and attacks them. As we know, the main function of our immune system is to seek and destroy what we call intruders in our body such as infection. When our body’s antibodies attack our body parts it then leads to inflammation. Similar to RA, another joint problem that can be commonly seen in women is osteoarthritis.

Since these diseases are very much active today, the demand of pain relievers and pain killers are very high. This is due to the demand, but since there are side effects of prolonged use of this medications. AMR-7 a physician recommended was introduced in the market. This product is US manufactured and FDA compliant. It is non-greasy and made up of topical gel that uses a proprietary blend of Menthol, Aloe Vera, MSM, medicinal herbs and Arnica. This is proven to provide immediate relief from pain. This product was created by a rheumatoid physician with more than 30 years of pain experience and research. It was praised because of its uniqueness. It relaxes the muscle and relieves tension of the affected body part.

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